*back outside*

I see you made it back safe.

Barely. Rulakir ran out on us and Dolan nearly killed us.

Where is he anyway?

Last I knew, I saw him flying south.

A storm is fast apporaching on the south too.

Why would he do such a thing?

You know how Rulakir is. He's gone to fight the Dark Entity by himself.

Again? Does he have a deathwish?

The Dark Entity is too powerful for him to fight alone.

I'm afraid he may be too powerful for anybody.

We have to think of something though.

Well, there is always one way. *looks at the body of Orakio laying on the ground*

Revive him?


Hmmm. I'll look into a way to revive him. But even if we do, what will it do? The Dark Entity will just destroy him again.

Why did Orakio have to burn the Orakian Book when Ghaleon wanted it?


The Orakian Book had secrets to it. Secrets that should the need arise, wipe the world of all evil.

But he burnt the book.

I don't understand.

And father is dead. There are no Orakians alive that would know what to do.

Are you saying it's hopeless then?


You two! Nothing is hopeless. Orakio risked his life to save our's so that we'd have the hope of killing this thing. Orakio would never give up.

But we're not Orakio.

No... but you are Orakians. That should mean something.

*Thus ends another episode of Get Wise*

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Innocent Water)