*Get Wise 17... brought to you outside the volcano*

Any news?

Oh yeah, we've got news. They're talking about the Casino in Maine again.


I don't think you meant that type of news.

Oh. Well. President Bush is looking to send another...

Don't even mention that!

I thought we lived in the fantasy world?

Where do you think President Bush lives?


I think she was asking if there was any news on Rulakir?

I haven't heard any.

Where is Rulakia though?

She went to look for him.

This could be bad.

*runs in* Ms. Orakia! Ms. Chrissy!

What is it?

You ok Raja?

I'm fine. I've just found the way to revive Orakio.

*grabs Raja by the collar* HOW?! Tell me HOW!

I remember back in Dezoris there was a medicine called Sol Dew, made from the Sol Herb. It would revive even the deadest of deadbeats.

Where do we get this Sol Dew?

Unfortunately, they don't sell it here.


But, upon the summit of Dragon Heights, there is a very rare Sol Herb plant. However, you can't enter Dragon Heights without a dragon with you.

Dragon Heights? I can get in.

How? You're a half-breed.

All that is required is the blood of a dragon. Hell, you could carry a dead dragon around and still get past the flame walls.

Then what are we waiting for?

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Hope Isolation Pray