You sure this is the Sol Herb?

Yes I'm sure.

What makes you so sure?

Because why else would this really big pumpkin be right here?


Greetings. How, if you don't mind, I'm gonna destroy the Sol Herb now.

Who are you?

I am Mispolm, God-Beast of Wood.

Wood? Hmmm. Chrissy, I may know how to defeat this thing.


Well, Dolan, the God-Beast of Moon was weak to Wood. Maybe the God-Beast of Wood is weak to Moon.


Yeah... so if we...

Wait a second. If you think I'm gonna moon this plant, you've got another thing coming sister!

... aw shucks. You weren't gonna go along with me?

... Well, I've just formed a totally new opinion of you, and I think the rest of the fans have as well.

I'm kidding with you Chrissy.

... right...

Are you girls gonna give me the herb or am I gonna have to fight you for it?

Bring it on!


Fine. *wraps both the girls up in his vines*

*struggling to free herself* Hey! No fair!

*struggling to free herself* Let me go you!

Nah. I'm too busy having fun squeezing the life out of you!

Grr... How long do you think we can hold out?

I don't know. I can't breathe!

Good. It won't be long before you both die at the vines of me. The Dark Entity will be pleased with me. Hahahahahahaha!

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Frenzy)