*after a while*

What happened to you two?

I'm not quite sure what happened. All I know is that when I got here, the Dark Entity got after me.

The same thing here. I got here... he was just... there.

But why would he want you two?

He wants to kills all of us. If we had killed Orakia, he would have just killed us afterwards.

So Orakio came back?

C'mon. You know us Orakians cannot stay dead.

I guess you do have a point.

Either way. Something still doesn't make sense. Why does he want to kill us so badly?

Because we're the only ones who pose a threat to him. Any other race that was a threat he's already destroyed. Cyborgs, monsters... dragons.

Dragons? He killed the dragons?

Not all of them... just the stronger ones. You probably would have been killed too... but he must not have known you were a dragon.

*hangs head* Yeah...

Are you alright Chrissy?

... yeah, I'm fine. Let's just get back to control so that we can revive Orakio.

If all of us fuse, that will make us 4 times as powerful and as fast as we would be if we were alone. That gives us a big advantage.

Providing we can kill him before he reaches his final form.

But what if he does?

He must not reach his final form. Else all the dragons, cyborgs, monsters, and orakians will not be able to help up.

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(Seiken Densetsu III - Fable)