*enter the Chief, the Chef, and their 3 Stooges*

Hey! A table. We having communion?

... Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber.

Why are you disturbing us right now?

We're just wondering if you guys would like a little shelter from this rain as you preform the fusion ceremony.

Shelter? What do you mean?

Well... thanks to the generous donation of the Chief...

We managed to buy ourselves an engine for the Air Castle.

Yup... an old engine to the old Dodge Sky Palaces.

Dodge? They made Sky Palaces?

If it's a dodge, we might want to reconsider launching.

Don't worry. It's been tested. The Air Castle is actually ready to launch.

Would you guys mind moving into the Air Castle to do this?

Fine with me. Girls! Move the body to the Air Castle.

Gee... aren't you just a knight in shining armor? *picks up Orakio's body*

*picks up the body* Pardon the pun, but can someone else help us with this dead weight?

I suppose. *helps carry the body* Now where is this Air Castle?

At the crash sight. Just follow me! *charges up his rocket and flies away*

Not so fast! Gee... does it look like we can fly?

Well, not right now anyway.

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Mods de Chocobo)