*back at the Air Castle*

I'm glad that is over.

Yeah. Now we can finally get on with this fusion.

Well, we still don't have Orakio. I mean, we have his body, just not his spirit.

What is keeping that brat? He should have been here by now.

What do you think is keeping him?

I have not a clue.


Chrissy? Do you know what's wrong?

*kneels to the floor* No... I just feel that he's in trouble.

You can feel this? How? Tell me girl!

... *cries* Orakio!

Rulakir, stop it.

What did I say?

Chrissy, why are you so upset?

The Dark Entity. I feel he has my Orakio.

How can you be so sure?

*a loud, ground shaking voice is heard*

*voice* Because I just told you!

Dark Entity?

*voice* Very good Dragongirl. Now, come to my lair and get him. I have a little surprise for you all. Mwahahahahahaha! *the voice fades*

No. Not again. I've already fought him enough.

We have to get him now.


Chrissy. You can stay behind if you want.

No! I'm going.

Ok, listen. We get Orakio out of there, we bring him back here, we fuse, then we go back and destroy him.

Sounds like a plan to me.

We have no other choice.

The Dark Entity is gonna pay... Let's go!

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(Castlevania 3 - Riddle)