*just then, the Air Castle is struck by an extremely powerful force*

What was that?

Wow. We're experiencing turbulance.

No... we're experiencing much more than that.

*runs in* Everybody, get to the roof. The Air Castle is being attacked.



*at the roofsite*

Just as I thought...

No! Not now!

Hahahahah! *continues chopping at the Air Castle*

There isn't enough time. We have to fight him now, fusion or not.

We can't. You seen what he did to us in your body. This is about 1000x stronger.

We have to fuse.

Fusion cannot occur with this going on. Somebody has to distract him long enough.

Zak, can we boost thrusters to give us more speed.

I've given it all she's got captain. I cannot give no more.

... damn.

Starbird... what are you thinking in that head?

Doesn't matter, possum. I'm here to finish you all off. *chops some more*

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(Final Fantasy V - Evil Lord Exdeath)