So, the fusion is finally complete?


Couldn't have come any sooner.

What is our plan?

Well, we need fighters first off.

*enters* You ain't going anywhere without me.

*enters* And YOU aren't going anywhere without me, Crys.

*enters* Everything up til now has been leading up to this.

*enters* It's almost time to rid the world of Darkness.

*enters* Zakky poo... where do you think you're going?

To save the world, Jessykins!

Well, we have Orakio, Zak, Sparkster, Crys, Crystal... sounds like a...

You think you're gonna leave me behind? Nah uh. No way. I'm going.

I know you are. I ain't stopping you.

Good... besides, who else is gonna use the Laconian Blade to finish off this demon? Not you.

Well then. It seems we're all set. We just now need a plan of action. Any ideas?

I have one...

*The end is near, but for who. The final battle draws closer on Get Wise*

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(Final Fantasy VI - Blackjack)