*stands still, sword pulsating in hand* Attack!

Just bring your puny weapons forward, insects.

Phoenix Jab!!! *leaps into the air, stabbing the Dark Entity in the chest*

*is uneffected* Puny human.

Man... it didn't even phase him.

Nothing can phase me, rodent. I am invincible! *slashes down at Zak with his axe*

Whoa! *barely rolls out of the way*

Man... Orakio, do something!!!

*holding sword in hands* I'm working on it. Stall him a little longer!

*kicks Zak*

*flies with extreme force into a tree, which snaps in two upon impact* Ow!!!!!!!!!! *lays unconcious*

Why is it you always want us to stall them? *grabs sword*

*punches Sparkster towards the ground*

*is flattened by the punch* Now I know how an accordian feels... ow, my spine. *collapses*

You know, you two could have stalled him a little while longer.

Now, Orakian. In the words of Goldberg... You're Next!!!

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(Lufia 3 - Sinistrals' Battle)