*back at the battle*

Now, if you're ready, I think I'll just kill you right now.

Not right now I'm not. *raises sword to the air* Heaven's Finale!!! *makes a slashing motion with the sword*

*huge white colored meteors shoot from the sky, all crashing into the Dark Entity*

*gets knocked off his feet, and when he lands, shakes the land* Grrrr... stupid Orakian.

*sword still glowing with light* Downward Spiral! *runs towards the fallen Dark Entity, leaps into the air, does a spin in mid air, and lands on top of the Dark Entity with his sword sticking into him, which triggers an explosion*

*cries in pain* Don't think you've got me yet, Orakian.

*gets up off the Dark Entity*

*gets up* You wanna use magic, eh? *points hand at Orakio* Fine then. Terra Nova!!!

What the??? *the earth starts to move below Orakio, which then lifts up, hitting Orakio with heavy rocks, then, a huge eruption of fire occurs beneath him, shooting upwards with tremendous force* Gah!!! *falls to the ground*

*readies axe* Now... it ends here!

*braces self* Nooooooooooooo!

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(Actraiser - Fierce Battle)