Chrissy... we did it!

*smiles* Yes, we did. *reverts back to human form*

Man... am I ever glad you showed up. I would have been gone without you.

The world would have been gone.

What made you decide to show up?

*smiles, taking out the necklace* This.

I knew I gave that to you for a reason.

*smiles* Thank you Orakio.

No... thank you Chrissy. *collaspes*

Orakio? *kneels to his side*

Sorry Chrissy, I'm just a little drained of energy.

Just relax.

I am.

*gets up slowly* Oooooh... what happened?

*stays down* Did we win?

Yeah... we won. The Dark Entity is no more.

Good... *goes over to Sparkster* We need to get out of here.

Think my spine will ever be the same?

*touches Sparkster* I don't know. Raja will look at it. Just be thankful we installed that warp in the Air Castle.


*takes out a control pad and presses a button on it, warping Sparkster and himself out*


Yeah Chrissy.

I don't want to say this... but...

But what?

Orakio... I...

*voice* Not so fast, Dragon!!!

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(Breath of Fire - Alan and Cerl Forever)