*later that night, on top of the Air Castle*

I can't believe it. It's all over.

Yeah, I know. It's over.

So does that mean my training is over?

You don't need any more training. You're fully trained.

*smiles* I am? But man, it's gonna be boring now.

Not tonight it's not. One of the villages are gonna have fireworks... so as long as Al doesn't fly in the firing zone, we should see them just fine.

So it's just gonna be us, watching the fireworks from atop this Air Castle?

Yup... just us.

Well... I hope I don't seem too forward... but...

But what?

*wraps her arms around Orakio as they sit on the roof* I wanna cuddle...

*smiles* Cuddle? What's that?

Well, just wrap your arms around me and just say that way.

*wraps his arms around Chrissy* Ok... This does feel good.

*smiles while cuddling with Orakio* When are the fireworks starting?

Should be any minute now.

*is silent for a second* Orakio...


I... love you.

You do?... why?

*laughs* Do I need a reason? How do you feel about me.

*smiles* I... *pauses* love you too.

*smiles while cuddling with Orakio* Oooooh! Fireworks!

*cuddles with Chrissy* Enjoy the peace Chrissy. You've earned it.

No Orak... we've earned it.

*So ends the life of the Dark Entity. Thanks for tuning in this season.*

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