*looking over the party, alone in the hallway* Live it up everybody, you deserve everything you get.

*from a distance* Now everybody, I have a movie I want all of us to watch. I helped write it a long time ago. It's a story about a karate master who travels ahead in time, and his only weapons are an assorted array of footwear. I call it, Kung-shoe!


*looking still* Makes me glad I've already seen it. It's not a bad movie... it just lacks the appearance of boot phones.

You're killing us!

Yeah. Really! At least have us watch Shoeless in Seattle. That's a little less painful.

*looking on still* Another good one.

No no! Kung Shoe it is!

*groans again*

*steps away, heading back into the hallway* Orakian Legends say that when evil threatens the world, a hero will always step up to defeat it. Though the hero will rely on many friends to defeat it, the evil will be vanquished to the gates of Hell. But it also tells about sacrifices being made for that cause. Our dear friend and trusted worker Rune, sacrificing himself to defeat FOWL agents, and also saving the rest of the Control Members. My friend Starbird. May he rest in piece. All the wrongs he believed himself to do, are now righted. We will never forget the sacrifices that have been made.

Where's Orakio? *gets up to go look for him*

*continues walking* But no matter what, evil will never be totally vanquished from this land. As long as greed and hatred exsist, evil will never be gone. But as long as love and courage exsist, there will always be something to combat that evil. That is why I am here. I am Orakio.

Orakio? *walks to him*

*stops walking* But, I can't do this alone.

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(Phantasy Star IV - End of the Millenium)