*enters* Hey Orakia, I see you're back.

Yeah. I am.

Where is Orakio? I need to talk to him.

He was directly behind me. I don't know what happened.

*enters* Hey, have any of you seen my patient?

You mean Sparkster? Nope, haven't seen him around. Seen him in bed still, but not around.

I meant Orakio you numbskull.

He was behind me.

You mean he left?

I sent him on an investigation. You got a problem with that?

He suffered a concussion!!! You just don't send him on a mission the next day.

Oops. I knew I forgot something.

So, nobody knows where my Orakio is?

We'd better go look for him.

*glares that the Chief* If anything has happened to him, hell hath no fury like a dragon angry! *walks off*

You don't scare me! I sell shoes! Nothing scares me!

*walks in* Chief, your wife is on the phone.

Nooooooooooooo! *runs away*


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(Phantasy Star III - Town)