*at Old Orchard Beach*

Any sign of her?

*looks around* I've searched all around. Nothing.

So have I. Not even as much as a footprint.

Damn. She's got to be around somewhere. I know she's got something to do with this.

... Orak?

*falls to his knees* Damn. *grasps head* My head.

We're gonna have to look for this girl later. We have to get you back to the Air Castle.

Orak. Hang in there.

I'm fine. *stands up* Just... we've got to find her. *sits down in the sand*

*walks over to Orakio* Orakio? What's wrong?

If that satallite has that kind of power, there's no way I could handle it. Not even the Fusion Orakian has that kind of power.

What could it be then?

Something that is not natural.

So how do we fight it?

First I suggest we pay NEU a little visit again.

Orakio, you can't. Not right now.

Tomorrow Orakio. Tomorrow.

Yeah... tomorrow.

*hugs Orakio from behind* What's that over in the distance?

That's a lighthouse Chrissy. It is used to guide ships to the ports when it is dark.

It's pretty.


*from on top of the Lighthouse*

*looks over at the three sitting on the beach* I'm sorry Chrissy. I'm sorry Orakio. I cannot tell you just yet. The time is not right for you to know yet. I just hope I'm in time.

*Mystery surrounds this girl as another episode of Get Wise comes to an end.

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