*enters* How is Orak doing?

He's recovering... slowly.

Well anybody would recover slowly to Michael Jackson music.

Hey. I happen to like Michael Jackson music!

Yeah, you would. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.

... urge to get up... and kill Chief... rising...

Pay no attention to him. I don't.

And that's why you haven't gotten a lot of assignments there rookie.

... urge to kill Chief... rising...

*enters* Alright now... Orakio... *stops to listen to the music* Hmmmmm... *raises eyebrow* Billie Jean?


Ooooooooooooooooooooo! *does the Moonwalk*

Great. That's all I need to see is an 80 year old Dezorian take and do the Moonwalk and screech like Michael Jackson. I'm expecting him to grab him...

Stop right there chief! That's an image I don't want to hear

*stops dancing* Ok. Anyways Orakio, have you tried getting up at all since the... incident? *glares at the Chief*

Hey, if the ball return was installed, none of this wouldn't have happened.

*slowly gets up* Raja, I've been getting up all the time since... the damn remote for the TV in here is broken.

How come you didn't use magic?

... D'oh!

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(Michael Jackson - Billie Jean)