*in the cell*

Damn... why did I leave my boot phone at the Air Castle?

Are we gonna make it out of here alive?

I don't know. We're 20 feet underground, and the walls and bars are made of solid Laconia. But... where did they get this much Laconia?

I wish I knew.

*sigh* What bothers me is the Destructo Beam. You realize just how much damage that could do from outer space?

Depends on how much power he charges up. But... if a single blast took out Landen, I would think from a further distance, it wouldn't take too much power.

Well, we'll stop them. But first, we've got to find a way to get out of here.

*voice* I never thought the Great Orakio would ever get caught on a mission.

??? Who goes there?

*same voice* And Chrissy... seems you need more training.

I'll train you as soon as you show yourself!

*appears* Like this?

Wait a sec! Are you the girl the Chief has been searching for?

That I am. I sent you on this mission.

But... how did you... know about NEU? Our intelligence didn't pick up anything.

That's the thing about intelligence, it's not very intelligent.

Can you help us escape?

*takes out a flask with a liquid* Poly Material, version 2. Melts all metals except for glass. *pours it over the bars*

I thought Poly Material melted everything but Laconia?

*watches the Laconian bars melt* Version 2, Orakio. Science, you know.

... right.

Good, we're free.

Orakio, can you scout ahead? We need to get out of here. Once out, I can teleport you two back to the Air Castle.

*looks at the woman* Ok *runs out of the cell and turns*

*looks at the woman* Do I know you?

... Not yet you don't... not for another 5 years.


Chrissy... I am your daughter.


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(Chrono Trigger - End of Time)