*at Zak's Laboratory*

Ah, Orakio. I'm glad you could make it.

Chief says you have stuff for all of us?

Yup, I do. I managed to re-make the Laconian Armor for you Orakio. *hands it to him* Try it on.

*puts on the armor* Fits better than ever.

Plus, the good thing about Laconia is that it's light enough that it doesn't effect your movement.

That's what I like about it.

What about me?

I crafted the same armor to fit you. It's smaller, but it should still protect you in the same way. Also, I have a laconian Tiara with a special diamond on top. *hands it all to her* Enjoy.

*equips it* Wow. This is nice. The armor fits so well.

Crys. *hands him a similar armor* One for you as well.

*puts it on* How. Nice.

Anything for me?

Well... I was planning on giving you something to wear besides yellow, but, you seem to have it all under control. Nice hair by the way.

Good. I think we're all well equipped. Are you all ready to destroy NEU?

I know I am.

So am I.

We'll rock and roll.


Of course. *thinks* Hmmmm... my mother, my father, my Aunts Orakia and Crystal, and Uncle Crys? What is this, a family affair?

So it's settled. Tomorrow we make our plans and attack.

*Can Control stop this NEU group from destroying the world? Or has Kyra's plan to save it managed to destroy it sooner. Tune in next time.

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(Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone)