*back at Control*

Please tell me you've got the parts!

Affermative. We have them right here.

How much time is left?

21 hours. The structure of the cave was changed around. Plus the beast didn't help either.


*hugs Orakio* I'm glad you're safe.

*hugs Chrissy* I've got plenty of time to be safe. Right now, we have to think about being dangerous.

I'll have Zak install the parts immediately.

Wait a second Wren.


Once we're on the Destructo Beam, how are we going to destroy it?

Well, that is where I come in. I know the code that can set the beam to launch on itself.

*thinks* Much like in my time. He did the exact same thing.

So what do the other three do then?

You hold off anything that moves. I have to take about 30 minutes to hack into the machine, then another 30 seconds to type in the code.

And you can only take 3 of us?

Yes. *starts to walk away* Make sure it is 3 people you can trust to fight well.

I wonder who I can trust.

Very funny Chief. You know I'm going.

Orakio's not going without me.

And you two aren't going without me.


I don't care what you two say, I'm going to go with you guys. I'm the reason this is happening now. If I never came back in time, you two would be dead in a few years.

She does have a point.

Plus, she is quite strong.

Which reminds me. How is it you can transform to both 1/2 dragon and Super Orakian? 1/2 Orakians can't power up.

And 1/4 dragons can't grow wings.

All I know is that one blood aids the other at the same time. The dragon in me gives enough power to help out the Orakian, and the Orakian gives power to help the dragon.

Hmmm... we might have a new breed here.


You guys have 2 hours to rest. Make the most of it.

Right Chief.

I'm gonna leave the 4 of you to do this on your own. Right now, I'm gonna call an order to evacuate to the old Control remains until the Destructo Beam (or the Air Castle) is destroyed.

That's a good idea.

Just take it easy for a bit. *leaves*

21 hours. Minus 3 more hours. We'll have 18 hours to get there, set it on self destruct, and get back.

I'm sure we can do it.

I know we can. I have faith in the Orakian.

Thank you.

And I have faith in the dragon.

Thank you.

*looks at Kyra* Oh yeah, right.

None-the-less. Let's rest for a bit.

Agreed. Because today decides the entire fate of the world.

*Indeed the fate of the entire world will decide on what happens in the next 21 hours. Or more or less 30 days, because that is when the next episode will come out. Tune in next time.

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