Chrissy! What are you doing!?!?!

I'm finishing the job. This guy should be a snap.

Don't get overconfident, little one.

*kills another guard* Chrissy!!!!

Guards, STOP!

(x40) *stops*

What are you doing boss?

Take a count of what is left... and I want to have them see me kill this girl.

There are 200 of them left.

Hmmm... they've killed 1/3 of us... now time for me to kill 1/3 of them. *turns to Chrissy* Are you ready?

Chrissy, no! I'll fight him!

Orak. This is something I have to do... to see if for sure you've trained me right.

But... but...

*turns to the President* Ready when you are.

*meanwhile, in the computer room*

*types a bunch of things into the computer* They must be doing a good job handling security. They don't even know I'm around... and I'm in the room right next to them at that... with a window for crying out loud.

*back at the fight*

*clashes swords with the President*

*clashes swords* Not a bad fighting style. Orakian?

*pushes off then backflips* Yes... he taught me well.

*takes a step back* Good, then I know what to expect when I kill him too.

*glares* You aren't gonna make it that long! *starts slashing away at him*

*blocks each slash with his sword* I don't know, I imagine I can last that long.

*vertical slashes* Not on my life.

*blocks* That's just what I had planned. Hahahahaha!

*jumps and grabs Kyra*

What the?

*continues slashing* You're gonna pay for the suffering you've caused.

Eventually, but I have enough money to ease that suffering. *fights back*

Dad! Help!

Kyra? *looks over to her*

Kyra! *turns to her*

*takes the opportunity and stabs Chrissy through the chest*

*eyes wide open, gasps for air*


*turns to Chrissy* ???

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(Lufia II - Sinistrals Battle)