*in the infirmery*

Raja, is Chrissy ok?

She's badly wounded... but, she should recover, it might just take a while.

May I see her?

Kyra is with her right now, but sure. Just don't excite her too much.

*nods and walks over to Chrissy's bed*

*laying on the bed* Orak?

*sits in a chair beside the bed* How you doing darling?


*looks at Kyra* How was she when you came back?

She wasn't breathing, and I didn't dare give her the gum, so you have a piece left. *hands him the piece*

*takes the piece* How about when you got here?

Raja knew what to do. He used a powerful healing spell on her, but he said it could take a while before she is even able to fight again.

If she had arrived a minute later... it may have been too late.

*looks at Raja, almost in tears* Raja... I owe you one. *looks at Kyra* You too Kyra.

It's ok dad. You owe me nothing.

By me a drink at the pub in Ryuon and you have a deal.

*smiles slightly* Sure thing.

*smiles weakly* Did we do it?

*smiles* Yes. The Destructo Beam is gone, and President NEU is dead.

I... felt you. *places her hand on her heart* here.

That is where I always am.

But... it was... stronger... *looks directly at Orakio* You seem... different.

Huh? What's so different?

I don't know... you seem... stronger.

*chuckles a bit* I've got a story to tell you then. I just wish I could find Rulakir and Rulakia and tell them.

What happened?

Well... it all started right after Kyra took you away...

*thus ends another episode of Get Wise. No NEU episodes in the future... but, the series is far from over. Tune in next month for more thrills, spills, a couple chills... and maybe more spills*

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