Ah, you two have finally arrived.

Why do you always send us to do your dirty work?

Because that is all you two are good for. Your powers are pretty limited.

That's not very nice.

Either way, I want you two to investigate the abandoned NEU HQ in New Sweden.

Again... more dirty work. Just investigation. When are we going to have some real fun?

When you can transform into Super Orakian, then I'll let you have some real fun. But until then, just follow orders... or else.

Or else what?

Or else the shoe goes off!

Man, I hate it when you threaten us with fatal footwear.

Then you'll go?

*opens the door slightly* Hey Chief, I'm leaving for a little bit.

*without looking at Orakio* Yeah go.

Thank you. *leaves*

So are you going or not?

Fine, we'll go. But exactly what are we looking for?

Wren says something about the J-Project. I don't believe it exsists, but he won't stop hounding me until I investigate. So I'm sending you two.

Great. *leaves*

*says nothing and leaves*

There... *presses the intercom button* Selan, get Orakio in here. I need to win some money.

He just left.

What? Why did he leave?

He said that you told him to go.

I did no such thing!

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(Tetris/Dr. Mario - Fever)