*at the bottom of the stairs*

Are you ok? *helps Crys up*

*stands up, dizzy* Yeah. Now I know how Orak feels.

*looks around* What is this place?

I don't know... could this be... the J-Project?

A human sized capsule in front of us. And a desk right beside it with a book.

Logs perhaps?

*starts reading through the book* Yeah... logs.

What does it say?

*reads* "Day 1: I've managed to get some data contianing information on the old Nei prototypes. I would like to create one of my own. But, I need a power source, and a specimen. I've heard tell of a gem known as the Motavian Ruby. I don't know where it is, or even if I should get it. But, the prototypes have since been abandoned. I would like to see them around again. But, there is always the drawback that they can turn into monsters. I must not let this happen... or else the world could be destroyed. - John Phlin.

John Phlin? Who is he?

Not a clue. *flips through the book and reads some more* "Day 250: I have managed to liquify some of the Motavian Ruby. The power this gem holds is astronomical. If I can only find a specimen to use the fluid on, perhaps we can see just how much power it has. But, I don't know what I'm going to use for my experiment. - John Neu"

John Neu? Is this the same handwriting?

Yes... but. What could have made him seem peaceful before this experiment, but end up being an evil maniac in less then a year's time?

... the Motavian Ruby. That must be the answer. The power corrupted him.

There's more. *reads* "Day 270: I managed to fool a wandering musk cat into coming to the HQ. The cat thought we had seen its sister, who is the pet cat of the Orakian. I decided that Skatt would be the perfect specimen for my project. But, the project could take a month before any results are known. - John Neu"

Skatt? Is that the cat that Myau is looking for?

*continues reading* "Day 280: Skatt has been injected with the liquid Motavium, which is the extract from the Motavian Ruby. The specimen during the first 4 hours showed very interesting signs. He was angry one minute, then gentle and kind the next. Also what interests me, is that the Motavium produced estrogen in the specimen, so our male specimen is now female. I will record more as it progresses. - John Neu"

This guy is playing God. He's changing everything around. I'm just glad we stopped him.

*continues reading* "Day 300: The J-Project is now in Automatic mode as the specimen will remain in the capsule. I shall continue with the D-Project plans until the D-Project becomes a fully operational space craft. Then, Jema will come with me, and we shall conquer the world. But... that Orakian. If he should happen to interfere, and perhaps somehow kill me and destroy the Destructo Beam... then I will have already won. The J-Project will gain more power and thus complete faster. And if my plan works out, my Jema will kill all living things on this planet, and perhaps move on to become the most powerful being in the universe. It's a shame human potential never reached this high. - John Neu"

Jema? The J-Project? Is there any more?

That's the last entry. The rest of it is code. But... that only means one thing.

*a loud clanking and banging is heard near*

*turns around* What was that?

*turns around* The capsule. *looks at the pressure gauge* The pressure is through the roof. It's gonna blow!


*tackles Crystal to the ground and covers her as the door to the capsule explodes open*

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(Secret of Mana - Ceremony)