*at Baxter Forest*

Rulakir! I finally found you!

*thinks* That voice. No no no! It can't be.

*turns around* Orakio! *runs to hug him*

*hugs Rulakia* You look well.

Yeah, we're fine. Why are you here?

You're disturbing our adventure, Orakio.

I'm sorry. I had to find you two. Vegeta told me where you were and what he did to you.

Vegeta? We haven't even seen him.

Was he just angering you to get you upset?

... Probably... *thinks* Must kill him next time.

Oh, I heard news of the Destructo Beam's destruction. Was that your doing?

Mostly. But, that's only part of the reason why I'm here.

Why's that?

I've got something to tell you. Perhaps something you won't believe.

What what what WHAT?!?!

Stand back.

*steps back* Why?

*starts flaring up energy, hair starts turning red*

What is this suppose to prove?

Rulakir. Pay attention, he's not stopping.

*continues flaring energy, hair starts to glow orange*

*is silent, gazing at the sight before him* What on earth?

That's a lot more power then what we've seen.

*stops flaring energy*

Orakio. What happened?

*hangs head* Chrissy was stabbed by President NEU on the Destructo Beam. The rage within caused me to power up to this 3rd level.

3rd level?

Did the Orakian Book say anything about this?

I burnt it before I even had a chance to read through most of it.

I remember something. Father taught it to us.

*looks at Rulakia* What did he say?

He told me one time that there was more then 2 levels to Orakian power. He wasn't sure how many, but he warned me and Orakia not to pursue such power.

Such power. I must have it!

*energy starts fading* There is one drawback to this though. *hair starts turning brown again*

What is that drawback?

It uses a helluva lot of energy. It makes the Super Orakian mode seem...

... weak.


Orakio. Just please be careful with that power.

Why's that?


*before she can finish, a very fast creature knocks her over*

Hissssssssssssssss. Out of my way, fools. *runs off*

*slowly gets up* What the hell?

That was fast.

Should I chase after it?

Don't bother. I'm sure it's nothing.

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(Sword of Mana - Field 3)