*at the Chief's office*

... what is this thing?

*hides under chair* Who mean shoeman?

*to self* How does she know this stuff?

Chief, this is what we found at the NEU HQ. This is the J-Project.

Then why did you bring it here? Kill it!

*hides behind Crys* *whimpers*

Chief, this is only half of the J-Project. There seems to be something else. Looks a lot like her... but her name is Anja.


Well... this thing seems harmless... and it is kinda cute.

Can we have some tests run on her to see just what is going on?

I'll get Zak to run some tests.

What gets me though is... why are there two of them?

*walks in* Allow me to field that.

Why don't you stay at your post?

Even androids need recharging.


Wren. I read something in the logs at the HQ. Something about a Nei Prototype.

*shocked* That's impossible. That plan was abandoned a long time ago.

Any idea what it is?

Nei was a half monster, half human creation. She was fed so much power while being created, that she split into two people. Nei Firs, the one that split, kept the majority of the power, while Nei was left with the "waste" if you'll call it.

What does all this mean?

If Jema is a re-creation of Nei, then this 'Anja' probably is a split from her. We'll only know which one of them kept the power until we start running some tests.

Tests? Well, 1 plus 1 is 2.

... very good, Jema.

She does seem harmless though. Until then, I'll tell Zak to take some tests on her and to keep an eye out for the other half.

Great. Another mouth to feed. Oh well. Take her to the lab. See what we can find out.

Yes, Chief. *looks at Jema* Come with me.

*looks at Wren* What is this?

This is our pilot, Wren.

*tilts head* Doesn't look like a bird to me.

... Walk with me, Jema.

*smiles* Ok! *follows Wren* What are we going to do, birdie?

*under breath* Unplug my battery, I hope.

*What are the tests going to prove? What is Anja up to? What is this double sword? Will Chrissy ever get better? Will the Chief ever stop sniffing foot spray? Will...*

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