*Get Wise 26... brought to you in part by the Waterville High Class of 2004! Go Graduates!*

Why do we even bother with sponsers of this show nowadays?

Sponser? What that?

Basically somebody who pays us so that we can advertise their name on our site.

Did Waterville actually pay us?

Not to my knowledge.

Ah damn. That's the last time I do this sponser gig. We still never got sponsered from Oakhurst Milk.

And we haven't seen Mr. T since.

Not since that mishap at T Isle.

T Isle?

It was a training zone for male fighters. It ended up getting blown up.


You're learning so much, Jema.

Yay! I'm learning!

It won't be long before you're smarter then Orakio.

Hey, she knows how to talk, and she can look at Orange Juice without concentrating... I think she's already smarter then Orakio.

Good point.

I want orange juice.

Alright. I'll get you some.

You bend to her every will, you know that?

Do not!

Do too!

Do not!

Do too!

Do not!

Do not!

Do too!

Told you so! You're too much like your brother.

... D'oh!

*points at Crystal and Crys* Bugs and Daffy. Bugs and Daffy!

Good job Jema. You pointed out the origin of the arguement that neither Orakio nor Crys has mastered yet.

... urge to hunt Cwystal wising...


You're learning so much.

... Dammit!

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(Mega Man - Bomb Man's Stage)