*wraps hands around Orakia's neck*

*tries punching Anja in the arm* Can't... breathe...

Orakia!!! *runs at Anja*

*slaps Orakio back, starts glowing white*

*starts to glow white as well, punches weaken*

*stops glowing white, releases Orakia*

*lays still, not moving*

*stands up* Aaaaaaaaaah. That felt good.

What did you do?

*aims hands at Orakio* Allow me to demonstrate. Megid! *fires huge balls of fire at Orakio, larger then Orakio himself can shoot*

*is hit by the flames and sent down again* Where... did... she get that?

*runs to Orakio's side* Orakio!

I think we'd better make a retreat.

... Anja! Don't think you've heard the last from us.

Hissssssssssssssssssss... *runs off*

*moves slowly to Orakia* Orakia?!

*not moving*

*kneels down* Sister...

We've got to get her to Raja.

*collapses as well* Ora...kia...

Damn. Crys. Contact Wren. Tell him to get us back.

*slowly peals himself off the wall* Ok...

This is not good.

Man oh man. That thing is scary.

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(Final Fantasy V - Decisive Battle)