*that night, back at the Air Castle*


Hissssssssssssssssssss. Orakian... So, you've come to have me finish you off?

I'm not gonna let you finish anybody off.

I'm more powerful then you'll ever be Orakian. I have more power in my little finger then you've got in your entire body.

You've taken the lives of everybody I hold dear. You've killed Orakia, Rulakia, Rulakir, Crys, Crystal, Kyra, and now Chrissy.

Very tastey they were. They all gave me incredible power.

... I promised them all I'd have my revenge. And so I shall.

Bring it on, Orakian. You're the only one that stands in my way now.

... *yells at the top of his lungs. Energy is flared enough to push the ground away from him*

*stands in the middle of it all, not even moving*

*hair starts growing longer and starts to turn a light yellow, still flaring energy*

Is this the best you've got?

*flies high into the air* There is nothing left to this world... you might as well die with it!

What do you have planned? You cannot possibly destroy me now.

... FINAL DESTRUCTION!! *throws hands up in the air and gathers a massive beam of energy, sending it down with great speed into the planet*

*on knees* Orakio!!!

... Chrissy!!!!

*the beam travels through the earth and destroys the core, ultimately destroying the world*


*is jolted out of bed* Whoa. *breathes heavily*

*sitting beside of Orak's bed* Bad dream?

*looks at Raja* How'd you get in here?

Myau let me in. What was the dream about?

*sighs* Anja had killed everybody in the world. It was down to me, her, and Chrissy. She killed Chrissy, and drained her energy. I had nothing left... I had my final burst of energy, I flew into the sky and sent a beam to the center of the earth that would destroy the world.

I see where that could be desturbing.

But... just as I did so... Chrissy got on her knees and cried my name. By that time, it was too late. She was alive... and I killed her, Anja... and myself in one blow.

That is a weird one.

Yeah... but what's weirder is... I powered up to a 4th level. The power was so great, that I destroyed a planet in one shot.

... hmmm.

If there is a 4th level... I pray I, nor any other Orakian ever reaches that level. It is too much.

Try not to dwell on it. I just came by to ask about the blueprints you gave me.

What about them?

You'll have to translate them for me. I know by the design that it's suppose to be a double-sword... but... the writing is so ancient... I can't tell what it means, or even what to use.

... the Sword... That's it!

What's it?

That's how we're gonna defeat Anja!

What could Orakio possibly have planned? The Orakian numbers are down to three. How can they possibly defeat Anja? You're not gonna wanna miss the next episode.

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(Phantasy Star II - A Prolouge)