*at Zak's... Lab type place*

Okay Orakio. What did you want?

Have you looked at the blueprints yet?

Looked, yes. Understood, no.

Well, get them out and take a memo. I'll see if I can't translate the materials for you.

*takes out the Blueprints and some paper and a pen* Okay.

*tries reading the materials* The letters are faded. Damn, I forgot about that.

*grabs a Magnifying Glass from his desk and hands it to Orakio* See if this helps.

*looks through the magnifying glass to the paper* Yeah, this is better.

What does it say?

Rufunina Cammano Corinla.

In English you dolt!

That was english. That was the person who evidently designed this blueprint.


*reads some more* The sword is a composite of 3 blades: 1 merged blade, and a 3rd blade.

Any idea what they are?

It says here: "The Blade of the Seal, The Blade of War, and The Blade of Light."

The Blade of War?

That's what it says.

Orak... isn't the Orakian Sword made from 2 Swords?

Yeah, my sword and the Langrisser.

Bingo! Langrisser. Another name for that blade is the Warsong.

And you know this how?

Long story. I've spent too much time on the internet.

But what about the other two blades?

Well, I don't know what it means by the Blade of the Seal, but I think that is Orakio's sword, since it mentions a fused sword... which would be the Orakian Blade.

Could be.

And the Blade of Light... could that be the Shining Blade?

Possibly. A lot of Orakians back in the day were Shining Knights.

Well, we know the materials. Anything else?

*reads* The Double Sword can be used as a single sword. Attach hinges at the handle and the blade and the other sword will come out when required.

Wait a second... what?

That's what it says.

Sounds to me like all we're building is a giant Pocket Knife with two blades.

*reads more* "Think of it like a giant pocket knife with two blades." Well... that would be that then. Think you can construct it.

Well. Yeah, I probably can. I do need your sword though so that I can make the preparations for it. I think I can manage to figure it out.

*hands Zak the Orakian Blade* What if there's trouble.

Run. *goes to work*

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(Lufia 2- Lexis' Lab)