*at Baxter Forest*

Hissssssssssssssssss... Deer is just too low in power. I must find more power. *tosses aside a dead deer*

*jumps from a tree behind her* Didn't see me hiding, did you?

*grins, turns around* I thought I sensed a great power.

*readies fists* Get ready to experience this great power then.

*grins* You're willing to fight me? Hahahahahaha! Cute. My power level has already exceded your's. Your sister was quite tastey I might add.

*eyes wide open* Orakia?

Oh? Did you not hear? I showed her the light... so to speak. Hahahahaha!

*glares* What did you do to her?

*grins* Your sister... is dead. But, her power lives within me.

Noooooooooooooooooo! *accidently flares up energy*

Hmmmm. A decent challenge for a meal now. *readies self*

Grrrrr. *readies fists again* You're gonna pay for making my sister suffer! *charges Anja*

*jumps and kicks Rulakia in the gut, followed by a fast slash to the face with her claws*

*falls back, blood flowing down her face* Damn. *opens hands, pointing them at Anja* Dark Megid! *huge black balls of fire shoot at Anja, engulfing her*

*the flames cover the area entirely, then die down*

*steps out, without as much as a burn* Is that the best you've got?

*covers her bleeding face* How... did you?

*grins* The Motavium flows in my veins. I am invincible, both powerful and fast.

Mo... tavium?

*grins* You should have stayed around your sister. She might have been alive now if you didn't have to leave.

*gets angry* Damn you! *charges her again*

Rampage! *charages Rulakia, then tackles her to the ground*

*lands with a sickening thud* Ow...

*starts clawing her face over and over again*

Nooooooooooooooo! *blood starts flowing down her face* Rulakir!!! Help!

*stops clawing* Now.... for the final moment. You will join your sister! *wraps hands around the neck of Rulakir, choking her*

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(Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel)