*back at Control*

*lays in a bed*

*looks over Rulakia* Another victim.

Isn't there anything you can do? You're the spiritual guy!

I'm also the town drunk, what do you expect?


This is all too weird. Exactly what is the Anja?

*from the bed next to Rulakia* Anja... the J-Project. *slowly gets up*

Stay in bed Kyra.

I'm fine. *walks over to Rulakia* Anja... the power she possesses is beyond any knowledge that anybody knows of. Motavium is a rather new substance... in your time anyways.

Our time? What does she mean? Who is she?

Rulakir... that's your niece... from the future.


I'll explain it later.

Motavium has the power to drain energy from anything that touches it. *looks at Rulakia's neck* She was strangled, wasn't she?

*hangs head* Yes.

So was Orakia.

*searches closer* Look at the mark on her neck. Looks like a bug bite, doesn't it?

*looks at the mark* What does this all mean?

*walks in* We're back. We've got news to share.

*walks in* This could give us a clue was to how Anja is getting her power.

Where's Jema?

She's here. She decided to go lay down. She was so upset that Anja would do something like this.

For some reason, it doesn't surprise me.

What did you find out?

All of the people who died... they had what looked like a bug bite on their neck.

You mean like this one? *shows Rulakia's mark*

... Not you too Rulakia... Now both my sisters are gone.

This is too freaky.

Did they all have marks where they have been strangled?


*thinks for a second* *aloud* That's how Anja is doing it.

*shocked* How?

In the palm of her hand is some retractable device used for draining something... much like a mosquito. By strangling her victim, Anja brings all of the power up to the neck, then procedes to drain the power, turning white in the process. And when the whole thing is done, all that is left are marks and what looks like a bug bite.

... YOU of all people thought of this?

... it had to happen sooner or later.

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(Final Fantasy VIII - A Sacrifice)