What can I do for you Jema?

I'm just upset. Nobody to talk to. Everyone is sleeping.

Have a seat.

After almost 19 years, we were just having our first brotherly chat.

Well... I need to talk about Anja.

What about her?

Grrrr... I'm gonna kill her.

... I must kill Anja myself.

Jema? Why do you say that?

*shows a scar across her face, then the one across her belly*

Where did you get those?

*examines the scar* Those are the exact same places I slashed Anja.

That's what I'm trying to say... Anja and I are connected Telepathically. When she feels pain, so do I.


We come from the same specimen. We split due to the Motavium. But our nerves connect. At least as far as physical pain goes.

Damn... I'm sorry Jema.

Don't be. This is the only way we can hurt Anja. I must fight her alone. If either of us die, we both die.

There must be another way.

Well... I suppose you could kill me right here. That might solve the problem.

Kill kill kill! I'm so sick of having to kill people. I'm sick of having people murdered. I'm gonna kill one more time and that's it!

*looks at Rulakir* There is another way we can defeat Anja.

No, there isn't.

Please Jema, hear me out. *looks at Rulakir* Could you hand me the bottle of Moxie?

*grabs the bottle and three glasses* I want some too you know.

*pours a glass for each of them* We have to attack Anja before she strikes again. *drinks the Moxie* Perhaps if we outnumbered her, say... 7 to 1, we should easily have her beat. *hands Anja a glass* Drink up.

*drinks the moxie slowly* Yuck. What is this stuff?

It's Moxie. Very good stuff. It will cure what ails you.

*drinks the Moxie* So... who are the seven people?

Well... you, me, Jema, Chrissy, Kyra, Crys, and Crystal. The seven of us can easily over power her.

Unless she attacks again. Where hasn't she attacked yet?

I've already sent a signal to Sandor of Lorath and Ali of Oasis. That's the last towns on this side of the world that she hasn't attacked yet, and the only way to the other side is either through the Great Ocean or the Western Desert... either way, she wouldn't be able to survive... even with all her power.

What about Kennebec? Our home. And Reunion Village.

... Damn... guess I'm not as smart as I thought.

And New Sweden, and Copacabana, and Paseo, and...

Okay okay. I get the picture.

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(Final Fantasy VIII - Balamb Garden)