*back at the Air Castle*

We just got the signal to move on.

Excellent. Hopefully my Shining Blade will be able to hold on.

Let's do this. We're gonna destroy Anja this time.

This is payback for killing my sisters.

Let's make the future better.

For great justice... and to rid the world of monsters like me.

Jema... we're gonna do what we can to help you out.

*enters* I don't want anything to happen to you Jema.

*enters with Crys* So we're gonna go with you.

*enters* Crys, Crystal. I cannot let you go.

And why not?

I need you to bring back the logs from the NEU HQ. Rulakir requested that we find out if we can kill Anja and save Jema.

... alright.

We'll go.

*looks at Rulakir* You're trying to save me?

Jema... I guess I've grown a heart. I'm trying to save everybody. You're not Anja, and you're not a monster. We're gonna do the best we can. Perhaps the logs from the lab will help out.

But in the meantime... we're gonna go to Lorath and help Sandor.

Rock on! We're gonna destroy that monster.

You guys have been through so much. I can only imagine how the future is gonna turn out if you succeed.

*looks at Kyra* So you're my niece. Orakio told me the story during our chat. I'm uncle Rulakir.

I know. And thank you for fighting with us. In my time... you didn't fight with us, but you were killed by the Destructo Beam.

*shakes head* Your future doesn't matter. Our future is gonna be decided now. *grabs sword*

*thinks* But my Double Saber isn't ready... I hope I can fight her with the Shining Blade.

*Will our heroes be successfull in defeating Anja, or will she manage to overpower them? You won't want to miss the next exciting episode of Get Wise.*

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