*back at the Air Castle*

*lays there, barely breathing*

Kyra, hang in there, please.

Kyra. You have to make it. Don't let another person close to me die.

Mom... dad...

What is it?

Please... stop... Anja...

We will, I promise.

Raja, what's the report?

Same thing that was with Rulakia and Orakia. She's drained.

Damn that Anja! I'll kill her with my own hands.

What about Jema?

She's recovering slowly. But she'll be fine.

*clenches fist* Kyra, please don't die on me.

A lot of lives were lost because of her. A lot of homes destroyed. We need to figure out something.

I already have that planned out.

Chief? I didn't see you there.

What do you have planned?

Kill Anja and I'll tell you, else the plan is useless.


She's holding on?

Not much longer.

*over the intercom* Raja, Crys and Crystal brought back some unknown boy who wishes to see Kyra. Should I let them in? Over.

Yeah. Let them in.

*the doors fly open*


Is she alright?

*sees Kyra laying on the bed* Kyra! *runs to her*


Who are you boy?

Orakio, I'll explain later. Just please let him talk to his sister.


*elbows Crys in the gut* You dolt! You said too much.


*walks off for a bit* I'll grant his request. Come Chrissy.



*opens eyes* Do... I know you?

Kyra... Look in my eyes and tell me you don't recognize them.

*looks in Rhys' eyes* My... mother's... eyes.

Kyra, I'm your brother.

*sighs deeply* I... knew. What... is... your name?


Rhys... lemme see... the watch.

*hands Kyra the watch* You have one too I see.

*looks at it* Time Machine... why did you come here?

During this time, Anja drains your powers. Orakio and Rulakir weaken her, but she returns years later as a dragon and destroys everything. I wanted to stop that from happening.

*hands Rhys her watch and his* Warn Orakio... then... go... home. Destroy these infernal machines.

*takes the watches, nodding* That was the plan.

Good... *closes eyes again*

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(Final Fantasy IX - The Loss of Me)