Listen everybody, we have an emergancy on the front.

What is it bro?

Should I ready the shoe bombs?

*glares at the Chief* You killed me once with it... don't try it again.


Anja... she ran from me... as expected.

Great. Why didn't you kill her?

She plans to find Baya Malay.

*eyes open widely* Baya Malay?

Yes. Is there an echo in here?

Damn. We really have to act fast then.

What is this Baya Malay?

Long ago, before teleportation and flying was invented, Baya Malay was used to get to THIS very Air Castle, ruled at the time by King Lashiec.

So what's the big deal?

At the top was a circle, which according to legend, holds a massive amount of power. If she finds Baya Malay, then there is NOTHING that will stop her.

But where is this Baya Malay?

I'm not sure. Nobody has seen it for thousands of years.

*enters* I have.

Oh yeah, the old robot there.

That's Android!

The droid, whatever. Just tell us where it is.

Before Baya Malay sunk to the ground when the seal was placed on it, it was located south of what is now known as the Western Desert... and right to the west of Dragon Heights. You have to cross one or the other to get there.

What is this 'seal'?

Before machinery and heavy locks, seals were used to lock away stuff that was not to be seen.

The seal was placed thousands of years ago. The only sign of Baya Malay is a ring of stones... that surround a swamp.

So it's a swamp area.

Shouldn't be that hard to find.

But how can Anja get in if the seal is still in tact?

She needs something in order to get in.

What is that?

The Orakian Blade.

Oh yeah. Speaking of which, Orak, your Double Sword should be ready in a couple of days.

So Baya Malay was sealed with the Orakian Blade?

No... if it was, then by you having it, Baya Malay would have already risen. No. The Orakian Blade is a key to get in there.

Hmmm. Looks like we have something to look forward to.

Alright. So we head to Baya Malay... but then what?

Destroy the Power Circle on the top level. Find a way to do it. If you can destroy it, Anja will not be able to absorb its power.

Then we kick Anja's ass.

Right on.

When your Double Sword is ready, you'll be ready to leave. It's probably safe that you two go in alone. Baya Malay is one huge maze with many floors and many monsters.

Piece of Cake.

It's settled then. We find Baya Malay, destroy the Power Circle, then destroy Anja. This is it!

*A nasty turn of events have our heroes running short on answers. Can they find Baya Malay before Anja? Can the two of them possibly overpower this powerhouse? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Get Wise!

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