*just then*

*listens* Footsteps. *turns around* Who are you?

The name is Ryu. You've climbed Dragon Heights at the wrong time, woman.

*grins* You think you can stop me? Pitiful human.

You're messing with the Orakian and his friends. Therefore you are messing with me.

How did you get here in the first place?

I'm a dragon you dolt.

Well guess what. *puts palms together and aims them towards Ryu* So am I.

*readies sword* You're a fake, that's what you are. I heard what you've done. Terrorizing innocent people, stealing their energy. You stole the energy and life of 2 Orakians and my friend's daughter. You're not a dragon, you're a monster!

Then so be it. Dragon Buster! *energy gathers up in her hands and fires it towards Ryu*

*swats it away with his sword* You wanna make this quick? I have other monsters I have to slay.

*grins* Don't tempt me.

And why not? It seems so fun.

*charges energy up in both hands* Because I get angry when I'm tempted. And you won't like it when I'm anrgy.

Give it your best, monster!

Double Megid! *throws one shot of Megid at Ryu with one hand, then fires the second blast with the other hand*

*slashes the first one away, but is hit hard with the second one, being knocked towards the ground* Ooof.

Now... your energy is mine.

*gets up* Not if I can help it. *charges at her*

*jumps as he gets near*

*gets under and in front of her and then waits for her to come down*

*comes straight down*

*takes his sword and stabs her in the gut*

*eyes open wide as she's stabbed, blood dripping out*

*removes his sword* I've done my part. Orakio, the rest is up to you. Shift! *disappears*

*clenches wound* Is this... pain? *looks at bloodied hand* *grins* The blood of thousands I spilled, now is being spilled by me. *looks back over to Baya Malay* Doesn't matter. I'm coming to claim my prize.

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(Castlevania 3 - Big Battle)