*inside Baya Malay Tower*

Look at how many passages there are. We'll never find the top.

Well. We could always split up.

But how will we communicate?

Yell... really loud.

Did you see the tower from atop Dragon Heights? The tower goes beyond the skies. It's gonna be a long climb.

And we still have to find this Miracle Key.

I hope Orakio knows about it. But for now, let's split up. Everyone take a different passage. *runs down a passage*

Gotcha! *runs down a different passage*

Roger that! *runs down a totally different passage*

Ok. *hears a roar in the distance* Anja? *follows the noise*



*out of breath* Are... we... there... yet?

What's wrong? Got a frog in your throat?

*catches breath* Ha...ha... Thou art funny.

We've gone up like 6 or 7 flights of stairs already.

We're fortunate. We've seen none of the guardians yet.

You think Anja was right behind us?

Probably not far.

But... if she kills the guardians... won't she drain their powers?

The guardians here art the living dead. They hath no life nor powers to drain.

I wonder if Rulakir is alright.

Hope for the best. Now c'mon. There's still about 50 floors left.

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(Phantasy Star - Governor's Palace)