*somewhere else in the Tower*

Well... this surely be the long way.

Did... we finally make it to the top?

I think so.

*a roaring is heard*

What was that?

I dunno. *looks around* What is happening?

These walls. They're melting?

So this tower... is an illusion?

*looks behind Frog* That doesn't look like no illusion!

*looks behind him* Oh biggie!

Hahahahaha! Remember me?

Tsarkon? What are you doing here?

Revenge! You killed me and defeated SYCO! Now, I'm here to return the favor!

So the mist from above was true. The souls of the dead have gathered here.

Great. Does this mean the Dark Entity is here too?

The who?

We're all here. Ghaleon, Dark Entity, Non-Entity, Sadoul, President NEU. If you killed us, we're here.

But... why is this? Why here?

These don't seem like the normal guardians. They must be here...

For the Circle of Power?


Well how exactly do we get rid of something that is already dead?

I dunno... how did you kill it before?

I sacrificed myself.

Ok, so there is no hope then.

That's right, there is no hope now, Orakian!

You've defeated me once already. It won't happen again.

That's right. I'm back Orakian!

Hahahaha! Don't forget me!

Or me for that matter!

You heard them you mother klucker!

Not them too.

Sir Orakio! We're surrounded!

Don't think I haven't noticed.

So what's your plan?

Pray for a miracle!

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