*charges the three of them*

*stands there, ready to claw*

*holds ground, holding sword in hand*

*holds double saber like a spear*

*charges at them*

Hold line!

*stays there*

*stands there, waiting*

*flares some energy, turning white* You're not the only one who can use a bomb. *charges still*

*eyes open wide* What?

*runs between the 3 of them* Motavium Bomb! *explodes as she gets right in between the 3 of them*

*is sent flying in different directions*

*looks over at Orakio* Nothing is gonna stop me now!

Rulakir. We have to do this now!


Not so fast! *aims hands at the 3 of them* Magnet!

*a ring surrounds each of them, making them unable to move or do anything*

*struggles* Damn... can't... move.

*struggles* Me... either...

*struggles* An...ja... stop...

*takes the key in her hand* Now to unlock the door to the Circle of Power. *goes to the door*


*unlocks the door* Behold! The beginning of the end! *opens the door*


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(Phantasy Star IV - Laughter)