Say goodbye!

Nooooooooooooooooooo! *leaps into the air with the double saber*

*turns around* What the?

*comes down and stabs Anja right through the heart with the Golden Blade*

*eyes open wide* Gah...

*removes the sword and slashes her chest with the Shining Blade end*

*falls to the ground* I... have... failed... *kneels*


Orakio... how can you just leave your double saber laying around like this? Somebody crazy could pick it up and do some damage.

Like you?

*smiles* Like me.

Great timing.

Did we finally kill it?

I sure hope so. *looks at the Circle of Power* Wait a second... you mean you had the key all along?

Anja had it.

Well, all we found was this Prism. *shows the Prism*

Hmmm... So that is what Anja was missing.

*breathes very heavily* I'm... sorry... Please... forgive... *collapses* me... *dies* *body explodes into a misty explosion and sprinkles light all over the tower, and even outside, over the world.*

Alright! We finally defeated her!

Wait a second though...

What is it Crys?

If we just defeated Anja...

Oh my...

JEMA!!! *runs to Jema's side*

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(Final Fantasy V - Dragon Spreads Its Wings)