*a few minutes later*

If Jema isn't the Star of Algol... then who is?

I could care less right now. It's nothing we should worry about.

What is the Circle of Power exactly?

It is the spirit of the Palmanian Sapphire.

And exactly what is this Star of Algol we keep hearing about?

My thoughts exactly. Even I'm not too clear on it.

I don't know much about it myself. All I know is that it is some person who had extreme power and lived thousands of years ago. I guess President NEU tried to put the Star back together when he found the Motavian Ruby.

So is the Star something we're gonna have to find?

The world is free from evil right now. I don't think it would be wise to travel the world, or universe for that matter to look for this one thing.

Let's just worry about Jema being revived.

Won't this revive Anja though?

I sure hope not.

*the door finally opens*

*walks out*


*looks at Rulakir* Rulakir? Am I... alive?

*smiles* Yes Jema... you are! Thank God you are!

*voice* No, thank me.

*looks at the Circle* Thank you too.

*voice* The death severed the connection between Anja and Jema. The light in Jema was that of love... and hope. So that's why I decided to give her my power.

So that means?

*voice* She now carries the power of the Motavian Ruby and Palmanian Sapphire, but she is not the one to complete the Star of Algol.

Any idea when that will be?

*voice* I do... but I cannot tell the future, else it will be altered.

*thinks* As though it hasn't been altered enough.

*voice* You have all had a long journey. Head home, love, and be merry.

What of the Tower?

*voice* The Tower serves no purpose now, but with no power left, it will remain standing in the swamp.

*wraps arm around Jema* Jema... let's go home.

*smiles and looks at Rulakir* Thank you.

*holds Chrissy's hand* Us too.

*smiles and hold Orakio's hand* Yes... it is finally over. Finally.

*Anja is finally dead, and Jema manages to stay alive. Evil is gone once again from the world as our heroes can now rest easily.

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(Final Fantasy IV - Long Way to Go)