*somewhere else inside the Air Castle*

Orakio! *waves hand to get attention*

Chrissy! *walks over to her*

You doing alright there honey?

Still a little bruised from the fight, but I'll manage.

Well, we need to do something. We haven't done anything here for quite some time.

You're right. We should throw a party!

Well... I was thinking of something else...

A party is a great idea! We can have cake... and pumpkin pie... and Moxie.

*pets Orakio* Yes yes... a party. *to self* This guy can't even pick up on my hints.

*purrs* Wait a second... Orakians don't purr.

Oh. Sorry. That was me. I haven't been fed in a while.

I thought Jema was feeding you.

Jema... oh yeah. The person who mysteriously reminds me of my brother.

She reminds you of your brother? Man, I'd had to be a man who looked like that.

*hits Orakio*

Ow... what was that for?

I felt like it. Got a problem with it?

Well... actually...

*glares at Orakio*

Nope! No problem!

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(Super Mario 64 - Bob-Omb Battlefield)