*back inside the... er... delivery room*

Why on earth am I filming this scene?

Not a clue...

I've hit a new low if I'm now making a birth scene.

*lights up 5 cigarettes and starts to smoke* Oh my.... oh my... *shakes nervously*

Would you calm down?

Yeah... you're making me nervous about ever having kids.

You having kids? I'd like to see you fill my shoes!

Can't... my feet are too big.

... *twitch* *hits Orakio with a rolled up newspaper*


*screaming is heard behind the curtain*

Why did you have to put this curtain up?

I didn't want to see it... labor is something a man shouldn't do... or see.

You are such a pig.

But I'm a pig who still has his lunch.

*from behind the curtain* How strange... I've never delievered this way.


Orakio! Do something?

... got an extra cigarette Zak?

Sorry... all out.

You don't smoke Orak. You're allergic to smoke.

*peaks outside the curtain wearing a hard hat with a flashlight on it.* Don't worry. Everything is going according to plan.

What's with the miner's cap?

Well, I had this in my old days as a Laconian Miner... now... looking where I never thought I'd ever look, I figured I need the light to see inside. *goes back behind the curtain*

I hope he doesn't have a pickaxe.

*Jessica from behind the curtain* What are you doing with that pickaxe?!

*from the other side* Oh... sorry, force of habit. Now come on. When I say hut, you snap the baby into my hands. Ready! Hut!

What's the score?

I think we're winning.

*sighs* Men.

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(Phantasy Star IV - Jijy no Rag)