*somewhere outside on the ground*

*looks up at the Air Castle* Sorry Orakio... this is something I have to do. I don't belong anywhere. *starts to walk*

*loud noises are heard from above*

They must be having the time of their lives. *sighs* I'm glad I'm alone... because I can say that I'm very jealous of my brother. He gets the fame... he gets the girl... he's the hero. And I'm just his second banana. But oh well. I'm on my own... again. *continues walking*

*after an hour, arrives at Kennebec Cemetary*

The burial grounds of my sisters. *kneels before their graves* You both gave up so much, and I couldn't save either of you. *takes two roses from his pack and places one on both their graves* My sisters... I've avenged your deaths.

*voice* And you saved our future.

*stands up and draws sword* Who's there?

*steps from behind the shadows* It's me uncle.

Oh. *puts the sword away* Where have you been?

Well... before the fight with Anja, I went back to my time. But... I had to see the aftermath. So I came back, hopefully without anyone knowing.

Hmmm. Well, I know.

I know. But... *looks at the graves* I came here to look at the graves. I just got here from Old Orchard Beach.

Kyra's burial site?

Yeah. But... believe it or not... I'm mad at her.


Because when I left to come back here... she got on my case for not taking the garbage out.

So she's alive in the future?

Oh yeah... but... I'm saying too much now. If I say anything more, then the outcome could change dramatically. Look at what it's done so far.

I know what you mean.

*makes a small hole in between the two graves and plants a seed*

What are you doing?

Well... I figured that I might as well change the future a little bit. I planted a seed of a flower that is extinct in my time, and endangered in this time. This seed might change that.

But... why?

Nobody must know... *turns away* But Uncle Rulakir... remember that even the tiniest seed can change the world. Even if it is un-noticed by most, to somebody, that seed made the difference.

... Rhys...

Goodbye Uncle. *disappears*

... is he right? Did I really make a difference?

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(Lunar: Eternal Blue - Opening)