*thus ends another ep...*

Wait a second! What about our two goons?

*oh... gimme a minute*

*sighs* Fine.

*ah, here we go*

Wait up! I demand I get what my wishes!

*tries to run* You idiot! For the last time, I'm not a genie dammit!

You're a spirit and you came out of a bottle. You're a genie!

Shut up before I kill you!

Well I demand that I get what I deserve!

*grins* Oh, you'll get what you deserve alright. *charges up a spell*

Zak, leave the Genie alone.

*stops the charge, face turns red* *jumps up and down* I'M NOT A FRIGGIN' GENIE!

*sighs* Just ignore him Zak. Let's go. *leaves*

You're right. *leaves with Jessica*

*and thus...*

Not those two goons! The other two!

*fine, be that way then*

Ok. We're at the bottom floor.

Should we open the package?

I have a funny feeling about this. Just leave the package with a little opening and we'll see what it does.

*opens the package but doesn't take the contents out* Ok.

Now let's get out of here... fast! This place freaks me out. *leaves*

Right... *leaves*

*30 minutes later... outside*

Ok... we made it out... but nothing has happened.

Well, let's just go. Something will happen.











Zeeky Boogy Doog!


Well, that's one way to go out with a bang. *rimshot*

*very funny*

Thank you! *bows*

*giggles* Thanks for reading everyone! Stay tuned for Season 4 coming in January!

*and thus ends another spectacular season of Get Wise*

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