*At last, the epic 4th season of Get Wise has arrived.*

Epic? What is so epic about it?

I really don't have any idea. The world is at peace. I can't see what is going on.

The world is always at peace before something bad happens.

But Orakio. We've travelled the entire mainland and found nothing even as remotely disturbing.

I don't like Intra. Something tells me that place is out to get me.

You're just a worry-wort Orakio.

*sighs* It's been a year since Anja was defeated.

I know.

Then why do you hold your sword like you're ready for battle?

Because you haven't made me a sprite yet. Get off your lazy ass and get me one!

Hell, Chris-chris. You know damn well we don't use that kind of language.

Lol. Yeah right Orakio.

I wonder if the towns have been rebuilt yet.

Most likely they have.

Hey. I wonder how the gang is doing?

The gang?

Yeah. Last I knew... well...

You knew something? You mean you can actually hold a thought?

I told you I'm not stupid.

I know you're not. You're mentally challenged.

Yeah, I... HEY!!! *glares*

*giggles* *snicker snicker*

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(Tales of Symphonia - Walking on Tethe'alla)