*back at the Air Castle*

You still aren't working on those silly cards, are you?

They aren't silly! They will change the world someday!

Yeah, it will change it from a world to a hole in the ground.

Ah quiet you. Besides, I hired a temporary assistant. Her name is Davina.

How do you do?

Where did you get her?

Newspaper ad.

*looks at the magic cards* These cards are remarkable, but I can still see the danger in them.

So they should be burned, right?


No... but I do know of a way that something like this could work out.


These cards contain power that can be used for anybody. But what if we made the cards so that only a specific group of people could use them?

Could that actually work?

If we had a specimen. Somebody to test it on.

... Perhaps there is a way afterall.

*And so ends another episode of Get Wise. Tune in next month to see what happens to teh Chrischris and what the Death Dragons are really after!

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