*our heroes finally reach the summit*

Angela? Angela where are you?!

... it's too quiet.

I know... something doesn't seem right.

Why do we all comfirm that we think something is wrong?

That's the way they do it on TV.

I hear something.

*walks out from behind a bush, holding baby Angela* Well well, I see you've made it.

... Leon?

So Masing told you about me, huh?

Give me back my child!

*puts Angela down on the ground* You know, my master asked me to set up a trap to kill you all. But, I've never killed a woman, or a child. I couldn't do it.

Where is Chrissy!

The dragon child? I don't know. We've been looking for her since the day we arrived here.

Why do you want her?

Master Draco's daughter is of great importance. We must find her.

Then there is no reason for us to fight.

Oh, I still intend to fight... just *points sword at Orakio* with him though.


I want to see exactly how much power you have. I won't try to kill you, but do try to keep up with me old chum.

Orakio, it's a trap.

He's a death dragon. Don't trust him.

Please be careful.

*takes out double saber* You're on.

My my. Cheating already? Well, I'll fix that. *raises hand*

*his double saber floats in the air* What the hell are you doing?

Making this a one sword show!

*the double saber glows white and breaks into it's original 3 swords: The Langrisser, the Shining Blade, and Orakio's Sword. All 3 stick in the ground.*

Take your pick.

... *thinks* How did he do that? That sword was crafted finely.

!!! Did you all see that?

This is getting weird... I've seen many battles, and many enemies... but this is beyond anything I've seen.

*takes Orakio's sword* My trusty sword. You'll never let me down.

*readies sword* Shall we get this on?

Brother, don't do it!

... brother? *thinks* I thought we got rid of them all.

I'll be fine. *glares at Leon* You're goin' down. I'll find Chrissy and return her to us!

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(WCW - Four Horsemen)