*just then, dragon heights starts to shake*

What the hell?

The mountain! It's shaking!

*floats above them* Hahahahaha! I have my daughter locked away now. Do you really think I'd keep my promise with her unable to do anything now?


Hahahahaha! Why thank you. Now, why don't you burn in lava as I wake up this sleeping volcano?

*the ground starts to open up beneath them*

This isn't good.

Goodbye, rats! *disappears*

What are we gonna do?

I don't know.

Wait... your boot-phone!

*lightbulb above head* I'll call for help! *takes off his boot and tears the sole off it*

Um... try your other one.

Oh, right. *takes off the other boot and moves the sole to reveal the phone* Orak to Wren, Orak to Wren. Mountain getting real hot. Need ride home, Over.

*static over the boot phone*

*through the boot phone* This is Wren to Orak. We have your coordinants locked in place and are ready to teleport. Please give confirmation.


Well if you're gonna be like that I might as well let you melt.

Wren, please. Beam us up.

If you want beaming find Scotty.

*the hole starts to get larger*

*holds onto Jaymi* Hold on. Wren, please. NOW!


*the hole beneath them opens up completely and the two start to fall in*

*are teleported out just before the lava hits them*

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(Final Fantasy V - Danger!)