This is ancient Orakian history we're talking about, but it is said that after Orakio died sealing away Dark Force, Rulakir married a girl named Erim. Then one day, out of the blue, Erim vanished.

And Rulakir has been searching ever since?

Yes. Rulakir never bothered to search this planet though. This was Tsarkon's domain at the time. Tsarkon had been building his power for 1000 years before he was finally defeated a few years ago.

Did Rulakir fear Tsarkon or something?

No. The two had an agreement. They just leave each other alone. You see, Tsarkon had a unique energy which allowed him to build up power over years as long as he never used it. He hibernated for 998 years, then went into human form for about 2. While in human form he formed a cult, manipulating people to weaken the world for his take-over. He didn't expect one thing though.


And your brother's power fusing. You see, not all Orakians can fuse like that. Only those who have a twin can fuse with another Orakian. But Orakian twins are very rare.

*laughs* Yeah right. My older sisters were twins, and my younger halflings are twins.

Still rare. For the last thousand years there have never been twins. Rulakir had the last twin before you guys were born.

So... Rulakir should be able to fuse with other Orakians then?

If he hasn't already, yes. But Master Rulakir is a kind man. He only has a grudge against Draco for the attack on his brother.

So what is it we have to do?

We have to defeat Draco by any cost. Draco is frantically searching for an item known as the Gold Armlet. That is why he attacked the eastern side of the world.

The Gold Armlet? *laughs*

What's so funny?

*laughs loudly* The Gold Armlet is in Oasis. A friend of mine has it. I think we can use it I ask him.

Excellent. Then he won't be able to put it on his daughter.

Huh? How do you know this?

You see, we bugged their hideout. He plans on getting the Gold Armlet to equip on his daughter. If that happens, even Master Rulakir himself cannot defeat the Death Dragons.

We should be fine then. Let's head to Oasis and ask King Ali for it.

Why don't we wait for morning? It's getting quite late.

*shrugs* Fine by me. Tomorrow we will head to Oasis.

*Where did these Orakians come from? Are their intensions as true as they seem to be? You'll just have to stay tuned to find out.

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(Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete - 4 Heroes)